Parachute jacket matching David Beckham and Harper

The father of this one was awesome, Beckham always looks good when she took her children streets. This time with Harper Beckham looks compact, they wore jackets and shoes that look suitable.

Jacket worn and Harper Beckham newfangled same, but different colors. The little girl looks cute with thick bright red jacket, and do not forget their shoes with matching color.

Beckham and Harper are always holding hands all the way, he himself was wearing blue jeans and a gray half-blue shoes with red laces. Looks like David and Harper were up to do after David went to China some time ago.

Children 20 months was famous for her shoe collection worth millions of dollars. His performances are always in the limelight due to the effects of his parents fame.

What do you think of the jacket father and son who has always been a family idol today? Take look!

Hunting Jacket in Flohmarkt, Berlin

Traveling in Berlin not only enjoy the museum and parks beautiful. The city also offers a shopping tour that is not less interesting.

Forget shopping trip to the supermarket or the mall or the famous Alexanderplatz Potsdamerplatz, it could drain money, it is normal. As a tourist, this one shopping activity can stimulate adrenaline, which is a thrift shopping to the flea market. In German called "Flohmarkt".

The flea market is very well known in bas a place to shop for foreign tourists, and citizens of Berlin. In this place, all the stuff is there. Clothing, jackets, bags, shoes, accessories, books. There are also household items such as dishes, glassware, dining table, furniture to bicycles. But a lot of interest here is the cool and trendy jacket that can be found there. Though the former, many of which are still visible separti new and worthy. Usually winter jacket clothes only used a few times by the owners. "This is all my personal stuff and children. my closet can not accommodate, so I sell it," said Diana, one Mauerpark flea market sellers.

There is a flea market like that of course is not only in Berlin, usually in some countries also exist. If you visit another country please check with your travel agent about the flea market as Flohmarkt. Are you interested? please try it.

Wrong Wear Jacket, Kim Kardashian Looks Fat

Kim Kardashian is often criticized for his performance in recent months. Kim finally admitted that there is one outfit that makes her look very ugly.
Kim made ​​the confession on his blog on Monday (15/10/2012) then. In this blog, he writes just a victim of mistaken dress. Blog post titled Fashion Faux Pas.

Kim either choose clothes that make her look ugly while undergoing filming her reality show 'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami'. He was wearing a yellow jacket and suede leather mini skirt. To complement her appearance, Kim wore gladiator stilettos from Jimmy Choo and Celine choker.

4 Choice Leather Jacket With Attractive Color

Leather jacket was first worn as a costume aviator in the early 1900s. This fashion item is usually called boomber jacket. At that time the leather jacket is more identical with black or brown. But now, some of the leading fashion brand is now present to bring some soft leather jackets for women become more attractive. Like what?

Priced at $ 165, the output leather jacket high street fashion brand Bershka comes with a bright red color. Match the jacket with a white blouse and black trousers. To be able to look perfect, complete your style with black boots.

Backpack That Can Protect The Head From The Sun and Rain

Backpack bag has become one of the must-have item for some people, but unfortunately backpack can not protect your head from rain and heat. That was then, but now there is Puma UM backpack is equipped with head protection against sun and rain.

It's still better to wear a jacket as well as protecting the body, but sometimes wear a jacket more complicated and at least your head is not wet and hot when wearing Puma UM Backpack this one.
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